Ignition Upgrade JVM Issue

When updating from version 8.1.25 to 8.1.33 we get an error when starting the gateway. The logs show an error in the JVM. Has anything similar happened to anyone?

wrapper.txt (196.6 KB)

Can you upload your ignition.conf? It looks like you may have some old and now invalid JVM params specified.

The primary one blowing up, UseConcMarkSweepGC, we attempted to automatically remove from the ignition.conf in an older version but can't prevent someone from manually adding it.
That garbage collector implementation was deprecated in Java 9 and fully removed in Java 14; Ignition 8.1.33 moves the platform's Java version to 17, which is why it's now an issue.

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This is the ignition.conf
ignition.txt (8.7 KB)

Replace the whole "Java Additional Parameters" section with this:

# Java Additional Parameters

Thank you Kevin.
In addition to that, I had to delete some data in the java.security file because it wouldn't let me connect to the database. Everything now works normally.

You'll have to do this anytime you upgrade and we happened to upgrade the JDK version as well. Ultimately you'll want to upgrade your janky old database that doesn't support modern TLS versions.