Ignition Upgrade process

Just to confirm the process, to upgrade from my version 8.1.28 to the latest 8.1.38 it is just download this newer version and run in on the Ignition server right? no other steps are required?

Take a backup before you upgrade - in theory, this should work just fine. The only thing I can thing of is if you have 3rd party or custom modules - in 8.1.33, the bundled Java version for Ignition changed to Java 17 (from 11).

I think it should be a painless upgrade, but take a backup and you can always roll back if anything happens. I wouldn't be too concerned if your installation of Ignition is anything close to normal.

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I do full VM backups, but is there a guide or procedure if I want to do a Manual Backup from Ignition ? to know what elements should I backup

I should have been more clear - I just meant the full gateway backup. Go to the Config section of your gateway -> Backup/Restore and download a backup. If you have third-party modules, those aren't part of the backup. If you don't, the backup that gets downloaded should include everything you need.

thank you

Is not necesary backup the resources from the designer FILE-EXPORT?


It obviously wouldn't hurt to do that, but all of the project resources are included in the full gateway backup. If you want some piece of mind, you can Export from the designer as well.

I don't know anything about your environment, so it's always good to be cautious. But, if it's anything like the 95% of Ignition that I've seen, you may be overthinking it, especially since this is a minor revision upgrade. If you were going from 8.0 to 8.1, that would be a different story.

If things go south, I won't be there to help you, so you do what you need to to feel comfortable with the upgrade.