Ignition Upgrade Questions

I Have a server and 2 clients running ignition 7.5.11. There is an issue with “orphaned alarms” that is fixed in a newer revision according to your upgrade.txt.

I have two questions.

Will the latest 7.6.6 break all of the current alarms or anything else? This system is implemented and running in a factory environment.

Do i need to update the two client PCs as well?

Thanks for your time.

There is a difference between 7.5 and 7.6. In 7.5 we used alerting, and 7.6 uses alarming. So you are essentially dealing with two separate things. You can certainly upgrade to 7.6.6 and all of your alerting will carry forward in the the “legacy alerting”. Nothing will be broken, however, it would be recommended that you make the necessary changes to your project to utilize the latest alarming features in 7.6.

When upgrading you are only upgrading the Ignition Gateway Server, the clients do not have Ignition installed on them.