Ignition upgrade

I am currently running 7.2.9
How hard is it to upgrade to the latest version? Can it be done without shutting down our production?

#1, you may want to check with your account rep to see if your license will support an upgrade.

In my experience, upgrades with ignition usually go pretty well, although I am having an issue right now after an upgrade that I will be needing some help on myself.

If you aren’t running in HA, You will take an outage to do the upgrade.
Most times, It takes about 10 mins. Schedule more of course, because Murphy was an optimist.

Your gateway service will be down while you are upgrading. And like Dravik said, it only takes about ten minutes. Make sure you do a gateway backup first. You can email us at support@inductiveautomation.com with your cd key and we can tell you what your upgrade options are. Or, you can call your sales rep or tech support.