Ignition user-lib packages

I am trying to use xlsxwriter to generate report on excel. But I found that this package was not installed on the ignition gateway under “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\user-lib\pylib”.

I thought this package should be default package by ignition.
Here’s the ignition version installed.
Here’s packages installed. It misses numpy, xlsxwriter and some other packages.
Can anyone help to advise what causes this issue?
Also I tried to copy the xlsxwriter folder from my local ignition folder to the remote gateway, but it’s not working after the copy is completed, still saying the xlsxwriter lib cannot be found.
Should I reboot the remote gateway? It has multiple projects running at the moment, not easy to find a suitable time to reboot it.

On my local machine and other machine with ignition installed, the pylib folder is like this:

Jython can’t use python libraries that require C DLLs.


The xlsxwriter was installed on the other ignition gateway except for remote gateway. Was it because some different setting during installation?

The xlsxwriter was running fine on my local gateway.

No idea. I point everyone needing Excel file support to the Apache POI libraries that are standard in Ignition v8+.


Thanks for pointing out this lib.

I saw other posts mentioning the apache poi but I wasnt able to find an example or user manual on how it is used to write to excel. All I can find it how to read from excel.

Would you please advise where I can find the instruction manual?


It is an open-source project:


The JavaDocs are most important. Keep in mind that you’d be using jython syntax with the java API. There are examples in Ignition here on the forum (by others) of both reading and writing. Ignition’s built-in scripting tools for excel (system.dataset.exportExcel and system.dataset.toExcel) both use this library under the hood.

Thank you.

I will go through the project help files.

Just one more thing, Is apache able to open an excel template, fill in the value at specific cells and save it to a different file?

The following post answered my questions.

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Someone manually installed it. No version of Ignition has ‘shipped’ with xlsxwriter. It looks like version 2.0.0 was the last with support for Python 2, but it claims no external dependencies besides the standard library, so you could try manually installing it.

I would recommend POI though, for both performance and future maintenance debt.