Ignition User Manual updates

I was curious about this one. I am trying to find more information on bindType to see if there are others kinds, so I can make some more script updates like

tag[property] = {'bindType': 'parameter', 'binding':'Your Value'}

I only know there is parameter and expression as of right now.

Interesting. I figured it would capture the bindType in the example on the system.tag.configure page. Thanks for the report!

On a related matter, it doesn't look like the bindTypes are explicitly spelled out in the manual at all, which is a separate issue altogether. We can certainly add them though.


It's buried in the posts above, but yeah we're looking to add those lists back to the index pages. Part of the struggle is just developing a new way to automated the list, which is possible, but got pushed back by a few other items. Rest assured, we'll add it back.


Will the pane be adjustable? When using a small screen longer items get truncated.

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Working on updating the sidebar now, this may not make it into the next build but we should be able to have something up soon.

  • For clarification, this upcoming fix will shorten the display labels for those system functions and components pages with long titles so they'll no longer appear truncated. An adjustable pane is on the to-do list, but that will take a little more time to implement.

I like dark mode when it's in the middle of the night on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean.

Outside of that, I keep trying to find out why people use dark mode during the day.


Hey everyone, I wanted to post regarding an update we just pushed out, having to do with links to the old manual.

I've been working with some awesome folks from our Support Apps team to develop a redirection solution. As of now, we have some mappings and redirects in places, so any old bookmarks you come across but haven't updated yourself should redirect you to an appropriate page, or the search results page on the new site. For example, below is a link to the old manual's Gateway Command-Line Utility page. If you click it, it should momentarily redirect you to the new manual's page.


The same is true for 7.9 links:


In the case of 8.0 links, since that version isn't LTS and wasn't carried over (excluding the PDF on the legacy manual page), we'll treat as an 8.1 page so folks are at least a bit closer to some helpful docs. For example:


In the case that you have a link pointing at the old site that doesn't perfectly match with an existing page (for example, a link to an 8.0 page that was renamed in the 8.1 manual), we'll instead redirect you to the search page with the page name loaded into the search, as opposed to just leaving you at a 404 page. For example:


Also, the system doesn't account for anchors, but it does parse out the name of the page and try to redirect, so it should at least get you to the page.

That should take care of about ~90% of use cases. The remaining include a few niche, but important, cases. For example,

  • Links to the old programmer's guide won't work yet (they'll need to redirect to the new guide).
  • There's also small collection of links to the old manual that deviated from the /display/DOC##/Page pattern and used a pageID instead (pages/viewpage.action?pageId=#####), specifically in cases where special characters were in the name of the page.

In both cases, we'll work on incorporating them into the new system.

Regarding links on forum posts, most of them should redirect to an appropriate page or search results matching the old page name as of now. As I mentioned above, there are a few special cases we'll need to work on. Once we have the rest of those in, all ~2808 distinct links here on the forums pointing to the docs should be at least somewhat helpful again.

Thanks again for the feedback gang. We'll keep working on the new manual to improve the overall experience.


I notice that the "latest version" link in the banner of the 7.9 page actually takes me to the proper 8.1 article now as well, that's quite nice.

Edit: Nevermind, I guess it still only does it for those sections where the organization is the same between 7.9 and 8.1. Oh well

Circling back to this, forum.ia.io is up and running. The docs redirect should be available sometime next week.


I just noticed this on the system.perspective.openPopup page (I'm not sure if its the same everywhere), but IMO I think the parameter should show up in the left-most column, not the type. When I try to scan the parameters quickly, it's harder to do as I scroll.

I believe it was that way in the old documentation. It isn't a big deal at all, I just think it'll save time if it appears that way, maybe, possibly.