Ignition V7.9.16 - Garbage Collector issue

I am running a 2 client Vision based system on V7.9.16
I am atempting to get the server to have more memory available, and to change the garbage collectors to G1C1.
I a have made the required changes to ignition.conf, but it does not seem to load the changes, even if I restart the gateway?

What am I doing wrong?

Did you leave in the old GC settings? Show all of the “additional” settings from your ignition.conf.

(And yes, once correct, a restart is required.)

Thanks for the quick reply
I was having this add-in done remotely (oldschool over the telephone step by step)

My mistake was assuming that the “hands” was following instructions.
He was editing the wrong ignition.conf file (wrong directory).

Once I realized this, and got him to fix the actual right file, everything responded as expected.
Sorry for the trouble. Real id10t misktake from my side.

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Nah. You do this work enough, you get this sort of thing. (:

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