Ignition v8.1.16 gateway failed to start after installation on Windows 10 Home

I had installed the software v8.1.16 but the gateway was not opened after the installation, I tried to uninstall that from my control panel, its not uninstalling and I can’t repair it as well,
Windows version:Windows 10 home 20h2
software: 8.1.16
someone please guide me to either uninstall or how I can remove it completely and reinstall it again and what will be the cause of this error?

You can try “uninstall-ignition.bat”, at “C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition” forder.
By the way, there is “launch-homepage.bat”, maybe try that before uninstalling.

Check the wrapper log for the cause of it failing to start under the install directory under the logs folder. Uninstalling/reinstalling 99% won’t fix the issue

Deleting the entire Ignition folder under Program Files before re-installation can help.