Ignition view not found

Hello guys,

I have a small problem with the nfc badge it does not work directly,when i press the button of login I find my self on the notfound page , I had to return to the menu so that I can find the correct home page, any suggestions?

Your question is a bit short of details. It sounds like a Perspective application rather than Vision. Add the tag into your question so that you’ll attract the relevant experts.

Assuming Perspective

  1. How did you launch the application view?
  2. What was the URL?
  3. What has NFC got to do with “button of login”?
  4. What menu are you talking about?
  5. When you found the “correct home page” what was its URL?
  6. Presumably you’ve got a Navigation event on your button. What view does it call? And what is the name of the view you expect?

first time i coding with ignition

You didn’t really answer any of my six questions.

1-application mobile
2-url page : /
3-NFC badge to log in
4-menu =Home page
5-after putting the badge in the Login page
6- a:Home Page
b:log in page
c:return Home page
d: have acces to history page