Ignition Vision AdHoc Historical - Graphical Issues

Good afternoon,

I am using Ignition Vision with the AdHoc template add-on from exchange. When its realtime, the graph “blinks” a lot as it updates as if its loading. Is there a way to remedy this?

Also, when in historical mode the graph lines are broken up (see image). Any advice on how to resolve this?

I have never been able to successfully get the real-time mode to not blink. Fortunately my company doesn’t need the real-time mode very often.

The gaps in the lines is due to the style that is being used. Currently it is set to Line w/ Gaps You can change the style of the pen to use Line and the chart will be drawn without the gaps.

Agreed, we don’t use real-time often either but figured it was worth a check.

Wow I feel like a fool! I figured there was something off because it looks fine in real-time but dashed in historical. I’ll correct that now! Thank you