Ignition Vision ALarm Status Table Current Status

Ignition Vision Alarm Status Table Current Status table does not show active alarm, it marked as cleared and acknowledged.
But Alarm Journal show the correct current status, which is active.
Why Alarm Status Table Current Status is wrong?
I used the same filter for both Alarm Status Table and Alarm Jornal

Are the Event IDs (UUIDs) in the journal and the alarm status table the same?
Double check the following settings and make sure that you are not seeing old alarms for the same tag that have been cleared. These events will be distinguishable from the current status by their event ids:


These settings won't solve the issue.
For example, I have a PLC tag named "LS1", I make this tag an alarm, when LS1 is energized, it should be an alarm, and the alarm status should be active.
The issue is, even if LS1 is energized, the Alarm Status Table does not show it is Cleared and Acked, but the alarm journal table shows it is active. So when you use the Active and Unacked Filter, you won't see it in Alarm Status table.

Forgive me, but I'm confused by this. Can you show the alarm configuration on the tag? ...and the filter configurations on the alarm status table? I've been working with the alarm status table for years, and I've never observed a tag with an active alarm that did not display in the table.

Believe me, I was confused too.
I have multiple tags configured the same way, some tags work, some don't.
It could be when I deleted the tag and created the a new tag using the same name, I notice this when ever you deleted a tag, and created a tag using the same name, the alarm status table just gone mad.

I have experienced some kind of OPC tag lock issue that wasn't related to alarming with tags I had deleted and recreated. When it did happen, support had us run a gwcmd -r to restart the gateway, and the problem was resolved. I haven't had a problem with this in years though, so I'm imagining that whatever the underlying issue was, it isn't an issue anymore.

What version of Ignition are you running?

Are these tags on a local tag provider (i.e. directly on the Vision gateway), or are they in a remote tag provider?

I've seen remote tag provider alarms display inconsistently on occasion. If the alarm is triggering as intended on its local gateway but not being properly relayed over the remote tag provider, it makes sense that the journal would still work - it's just reading that info from a database.

In my situation, toggling the remote tag provider alarm mode between queried and subscribed usually fixed it. Never pinned down an actual root cause, though I've only seen the issue twice (both were during commissioning, so I suspect some external factors were at play).

Thank you.
Our project is running on a server, when IT update the server, it should do the trick.

It should be local tag, even though jour project runs on a server.
I created device connection directly to this project.

I had another project using remote tags, I synced a edge gateway to a server, on the server, all the tags are remote tags, this project does not have the same issue though.