Ignition Vision - tag value in a derived tag path

Hello, is there a way to include another tag’s value in a derived tag’s source tag path?
I’ve tried tostr("[default]FolderName/" + {[.]MachineName} + “/parameter1”)

I don’t know if you can, but what are you trying to do? This seems like it could be an opportunity to use an indirect binding in the vision window.

I’m trying to set up a production line where different machines can be assigned to stations. In each station UDT, I have several derived tags that I want to be able to point to the corresponding OPC tags in the machine assigned to that station.

The right machine in each station UDT is determined via a query tag which checks for the information in a database. I’m wondering if I could somehow pull the information from this query tag into a derived tag path.

You can use tag("[.]xxxxx") , I think. I don’t use derived tags much though