Ignition Voice Notification Error


I have been using Twilio as a 3rd party voice notification service in my Ignition system. However, every attempt I make to test my voice notification pipeline, I receive the following error:

For some context, my Ignition server name is WPBWI19IE01.CatalentOT.local. However, when the "error executing call" shows the random letter and digits before the "@WPBWI19IE01.CatalentOT.local" I have no clue what those represent. The digits don't match up with the phone numbers I am attempting to communicate with in my pipeline. Does anyone recognize what this error might mean? I am thinking this could be an issue on Twilio's side, but they're telling me it's an issue on Ignition's side.

My connection registers as connected in my Notification profiles on the Gateway:

The pipeline I am testing the voice notification on seems to be configured just fine:

Perhaps this issue lies with my third party service (Twilio). I was hoping to get an answer on whether or not the issue truly does lie with my Ignition server set up, or it's an issue on the other end.

Thank you in advance for you help.

I would contact our support department.

The NullPointerException at the root of this error is pretty unambiguously a programming problem in Ignition. Something might be null at that point because of a problem with your Twilio trunk, but we should still handle it better.