Ignition VoIP SIP Trunk issue

Got an issue, where me and the IT department is struggeling.
Have set up a VoIP Notification, but keep getting an error and unable to get connected.

After some research, it seems Ignition is sending the initial communication via UDP on port 5060.

Can we change SIP calling from using UDP/5060 to TLS/5061 ignition somewhere?.
Our SIP trunk does not support UDP connections.

No, not with our SIP module.

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Thanks for a swift answer @PGriffith
So then basically we have to get a SIP trunk that supports UDP connections.
Or is there some way to work around this issue?
Cause as far as I got it, only the initial communication is UDP, once the connection is established the rest is TCP?

I'm not really an expert on how it actually works under the hood. I do know it's a relatively simple protocol. There might exist such a thing as a 'SIP Proxy' that you could run? Where Ignition speaks (insecure) SIP to a local server, and that rewrites requests to go to your main hardware? Such things exist for HTTP and SMTP, but I don't know about SIP.

Sounds like Asterisk. I run it for my office phones. I've been meaning to try Ignition's Voice module with it.

@PGriffith Sounds like plausible option if it exists, I'll have the guy on the IT end evaluate what we do from here on, and I'll be sure to mention the Asterisk software you mentioned @pturmel.
Is that the one at https://www.asterisk.org/ ?

It's mentioned in our documentation, so seems like a good bet:

Yes, though it is most convenient to run one of the packaged distros. I use FreePBX.