Ignition vs. Iconics (Building Information and Sustainability)

Hello everyone,

I am new to automation and very intrigued in learning more about the different platforms out there.
Can some of you guys who have worked with both Iconics and Ignition please help me out by giving me some feedback on what you prefer and some pros and cons of using either or for building information and sustainability? Any information you guys give me will be highly appreciated.


I haven’t really used genesis64 (from iconics) before, but did briefly install it to open an existing project we converted away from years ago. From what I saw, it seemed a bit clunky, with so many individual packages used to configure everything.
I know it might be superficial, but I also think you can tell a bit about a company by its logo, and Iconics’ logo is outdated from the 90’s which to me doesn’t give me the impression that they’re keeping up with the times.

Ive had 10 years’ experience with many different scada systems, a teenager still compared with some in the industry, but for me Ignition takes the cake for all that I’ve used, and I’ve only been working with it now for 2-3years. It’s not just the competitive pricing and genuinely modern approach, but the functionality, development efficiency, and importantly the extensibility that the platform offers that are its main selling points.

Edit: whoops, I keep replying to super old posts… You probably know by now the benefits of ignition :sweat_smile:

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