Ignition vs. Wincc OA

According to your experience, what are the main advantages and/or drawbacks of Ignition vs Wincc OA?

SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture, formerly known as PVSS was originally developed by ETM, Austria, which is a 100% owned Siemens subsidiary today. The biggest success story of Wincc OA is, it’s being used by CERN LHC particle physics laboratory. IMO, Wincc OA is going to be a very strong competitor for Ignition, especially for very large Smart City projects.

Personally, i think Inductive Automation must change it’s international marketing strategy for regions outside US. They must create good regional partners for local support and training.

  1. ETM, Austria:

  2. SCADA, WinCC and the great search for the Higgs particle
    iebmedia.com/index.php?id=88 … =true&bb=1

3.Wincc OA specs:
automation.siemens.com/sale … _oa_en.pdf

Thank you for the feedback.

I absolutely agree with you as for the hard marketing work that Inductive Automation will have to do, especially in the European market, if they’re willing to compete with the big ones.

Marketing/Training isn’t my area, so I can’t speak to what is happening/planned, but I do know that our Training program has added some great international partners and is always looking for more opportunities to provide non-US users with training opportunities. If people have an interested in opening or location a training center, I suggest getting in touch.

International training sessions are being added to our training website: inductiveautomation.com/training/