Ignition Web browser in Debian/Raspbian/Linux

Hello everyone!

I am trying to run a project that includes a web browser page within Raspbian. Everything is working fine until the moment when it switches to the screen with the web browser module. The error message is related to jxbrowser licence. It says “JxBrowser license check failedL No valid license found. jar:find/home/pi/.ignition/cache/resources/modules/com.inductiveautomation.webbrowser/jxbrowser-runtime.jar/00000… - License file not suitable for this OS”

The OS is Raspbian (Debian for RaspberryPi). Thanks in advance!

The libraries we use for the Web Browser module don’t support Raspbian.

I heard that Igntion is going to support this? Any update?

I haven’t seen any notices from the library author about adding support for Raspbian.