Ignition Weekly Totalizer Reporting

I’d appreciate anyone to point me in the right direction.

I am using Ignition 8.1. I have configured a flow totalizer tag that is logging to the tag historian (MSSQL) upon every change. I want to create a weekly report, i.e. 7 columns (Mon-Sun), that displays the;
a. Starting (min) volume and
b. Ending (max) volume and finally
c. Total volume (b-a) volume of that day.

As I’m new to Ignition reporting, I assume I should be using the “Tag Historian Query” as query type instead of the SQL Query as I would have to query multiple history tables (currently partitioned per month).

Any assistance on how I can achieve the above would be appreciated.

You have some options, You could use a tag historian query, in addition to a script query to massage your data into a format you can use. You could also create a gateway scheduled script to record the data on a daily basis to a table of your own creation, then you can use a regular sql query for your report data source. I chose the latter approach to record total power usage from electrical meters.

I like a simple solution, thanks @josborn