Ignition & Win-911

I have an application where my client wants to use Win-911 (an alarm notification software). Win-911 typically connects to HMI/SCADA databases to generate the alerts. Win-911 can communicate via OPC, but only to an OPC DA server. I know that Ignition uses OPC UA. Do you guys know of an OPC DA server that I could use as a gateway between Win-911 and Ignition?

Chris Gele

Does Win911 have an OPC-DA server? If so, you might be able to use the OPC-COM module.

There has been some discussion about Win911, but nothing concrete to answer your question from what I can tell.


You may try U.C.ME-OPC from Control See. See more at http://www.controlsee.com/index.shtml . You may use SMS, Voice messages, Email, pager or fax. You may acknowledge alarms using your cellphone. Query or modify Ignition tags using your cellphone.

A fully functional evaluation is available.


this isnt true, there is no way for UCME to access ignition tags. Its basically the same as Win911, It supports connecting to a OPC server only.

We’ve thought of adding OPC-UA connectivity to the SQLTags system a few times (it wouldn’t be that hard) but it would be massively confusing for a beginner user since it would encourage a binding loop (SQLTag bound to OPC address that was the exposed SQLTag = confusing.)

Maybe as an add-on module would work best, but I’m not sure any of the alarming systems actually support OPC-UA yet…

Maybe as an ‘advanced’ configuration option?

yeah I guess for now, you would have to use a wrapper of some sort for now until they make win911 opc-ua compliant. but id gladly pay 1000 dollars not to have to deal with the amount of trouble it would take to do it in the other nonconventional ways.

im not sure if they have a wrapper that can go from opc-ua as the server back to opc-da as the client though.

What about using something like the Kepware ODBC driver to drive your alerts from the DB? You could create a view that pulled the important info from either the alert status tables or SQLTags, and it would show up as tags in Kepware (I haven’t used this driver, so I don’t know how easy it would be, but I have used their “advanced simulator” which drives tags off of the database, and it was easy enough).


yeah that seems like the best way to do it for now. The price for Matrikon’s comparable software was 3200 dollars though. I wonder why the big difference?

TopView SQL from Exele can do what you need by using the SQL tables in Ignition.


We have added some details of integrating TopView SQL to Ignition.
exele.com/Products/TopView/s … /index.htm

Cool - thanks for the link. It’s neat to see 3rd party vendors interoperating with Ignition.

I wish Topview had been available when I purchased win911!