Ignition Window XML explanation

Hi All,

I was looking into the XML for an Ignition Window and I was wondering what the following lines of XML mean:

<c-c m="putClientProperty" s="2;O;O">
	<o cls=""java.util.HashMap""/>

Can I have some insight on the above lines and how significant it is in the XML as a whole. If I were to exclude/include those line in my XML, how will it affect my Ignition Window.

It looks like, to me, that these lines do not have an impact on my Ignition Windows on the surface.


I would be extremely careful with modifying window XML - there’s basically no reason to ever do it unless you’re trying to fix something that’s already broken. What are you trying to do, and why are you directly modifying window XML in the first place? That’s a much more important question than what each possible key is/does.

I noticed the above XML lines when I was changing an object that had direct binding to indirect binding.

In two separate instances of changing the same object (few days apart) from a direct to indirect tag binding, one of the instances had the above XML lines. The other instance did not.

I was wondering what the above lines of XML meant. This will help me figure out what changed in Ignition during the few days gap.