Ignition Windowed Title Bar Issues

I am trying to have ignition run without a title bar and without taking up the whole screen. Is there a way to remove the titlebar without running full screen mode?

Right-click on the titlebar, select “More Actions”, then click “No Borders”. To make it automatic in the future, right-click on the titlebar, select “More Actions”, then click either “Special Window Settings…” or “Special Application Settings…”. Customize the window matching rule if you need to and then set “No titlebar and frame” under “Appearance & Fixes”.

Oh, yeah. This would be Linux w/ the KDE desktop. My condolences if you have to make this work in Windows. :wink:

Thanks. I’m running windows so I was hoping to find a solution within ignition. I tried messing with the borders within the individual windows but no luck. I got the fullscreen mode to open shifted off the top left pixel but it still opens the size of my monitor resolution (hanging off screen). You can set the starting pixel location but not the total size unless you are in windowed mode. In windowed mode you can get rid of the menu bar but not the title bar.

If you look at and play with the script I posted in this topic, you might find what you need.