Ignition Windows on a Smart TV or website

My plant is set up with each production line being run by a client HMI, and the information on that HMI being specific to each production line. There is another HMI that is a plant overview, and is used for some scheduling aspects etc to each of the lines.

I have created numerous data collecting windows for OEE, run rates, quality data, etc and have displayed this data very nicely on each of the HMIs. Most are just read only, for informational purposes.

Question : Is there a way I can view some desired screens and just rotate through them every 15 seconds or so on a smart TV? I don’t want to utilize any other HMIs with IP address, etc… Would like to just use a TV or take these windows to a web page and then be able to view this series of windows and show the info on my HMIs across the plant.

With this constraint, no.

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It’s the not utilizing an IP address that’s the gotcha. Even a smart tv will consume an IP address.

That said, If you are using Ignition 8 and have the perspective module, you could point the tv’s browser at a perspective session. But, you’d also have to re-create your windows to do that.

IMO, you would be better served with a cheap nettop PC or Raspberry Pi to act as an Ignition client.

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To do this without using more IP addresses you’d have to connect the large displays to existing client PCs (video extender, if necessary) as secondary displays. Then you’d open another Vision desktop (window) on the secondary display, allowing you to use existing Vision windows.