Ignition Windows Service Recovery Options

Hi All. A customer is asking me if there are any recovery actions that need to be configured on the Ignition service.
IMG_ 20231030140917

I've never configured them on the Ignition service before and I can't find anything that indicates that I should enable anything. Should I leave this alone? Has anyone configured the service to restart? Would there be any adverse effects of doing so?


I've never configured this or had any reason to do so. If your gateway fails to start, it's relatively unlikely that restarting the computer is going to do anything to help fix it, and it's also probably being caused by a problem that's going to be involved enough to demand human attention.

Awesome. Thanks @PGriffith!

That 'run program on failure' thing could potentially be useful, though. If you're using something like Slack or Teams for internal communication, it would be pretty easy to write a simple batch script that invoked curl or similar to send a one-way notification to appropriate people in your organization upon the service failing. Sort of a quick-and-dirty solution (much better solutions exist for monitoring services), but definitely still useful in smaller organizations.