Ignition wins 2011 Duke's Choice Award!

Ignition by Inductive Automation was selected as a Duke’s Choice Award (also known as the Oracle Java Innovation award) winner this year!

Check out the press release and Duke’s Choice page on Oracle’s site for more info.

We’re very excited about this award, and feel like it’s a nice recognition of everything we’ve been working to accomplish in regards to opening up the plant floor to new platforms, improving data accessibility, and helping companies save money.


Any ideas what Rockwell is doing with the “java enabled” devices?

Ha, yeah, I figured no one would miss that name on the list. However, even though there’s only 1 list, apparently they’re in a “special” category, because they’re the only winner who won for a product that hasn’t even been announced yet. As a result, we don’t know what the product is. However, from what we gather, it’s a new PAC with a java interface, similar to another motion control product they have.

Anyhow, I think it’s great to see wider adoption of java in the industrial space.

Congrats! I am glad to see that you are getting recognition for what you guys do. After working with a bunch of different MES, HMI and SCADA systems yours is definitely the most easy to use, deploy and innovative. Keep up the good work! I’m excited to get 7.3 up and running and play with all the new features.

And here I didn’t even know that Duke Nukem even had a list! :open_mouth: