Ignition with Git - master branch keeps loosing Perspective Session Identity Provider

I have a recurring situation where the Project Properties/Perspective/General/Identity Provider value keeps getting set to None.
We are using git as a version control solution and this seems to happen anytime I utilize the master (the production version of the project) or the development (the validation version of the project) branches. I can reset the Id Provider, save the project, commit and push my changes to the remote repository, but the next time I pull one of these branches or spawn a feature branch from the development branch, invariably the Id Provider is set back to None.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?
Is there a solution to make the setting “stick”?


What version is this? Perspective/General/Identity Provider is actually deprecated in favor of Project/General/Identity Provider, although that’s in 8.1 (and this thread is tagged 8.0, so may not be relevant).

The Perspective/General props are all in a single binary file - I assume that’s committed to your VCS, in which case it should stay consistent unless you make changes.

It is 8.0.16 currently. We are in process of upgrading our servers to 8.1.10, but it will require testing at each level as we upgrade so may take several days to complete.

Yes, everything in the C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\data\projects folder is contained in the git repository. We just did a quick bug fix deploy and had this happen. We set the Id Provider, save the project and closed. Did git add ., git commit…, and git push all from our Validation server. On the Production server we did git fetch then git pull to pull the updated version of the master branch. When we navigated to the session we got the “no Id Provider” message. We had to set it again and save.

The only thing in the .gitignore file is the .resources folder in projects.

Is it a good idea to have git ignore the resource files?

.resources/ is both safe and should be ignored, it’s only used for ‘bookkeeping’/a cache for the project resources system.

I’m not really sure what’s going on with your system, Mike; are you in contact with support about this? I don’t see any reason the properties would be lost during a restore if they’re ‘checked in’ correctly.

Let me be more specific, the resource file for each perspective view? Script? etc? The resource.json file that is created for each Ignition resource.

I definitely do not consider myself a git expert by any means. So this question is based of comments made in our discussion over setting up these environments (and it’s a little off topic from my original post). I was told that ignoring the resource.json files would cause new resource files, created locally when new views, script files, named queries, etc., to NOT be included in commits to the remote repository and therefore not be part of the repository when pulled to another developer’s system, or the servers. That would cause issues with the ability to edit/view the contents of the added project components. Is this NOT the case?
Example: I the resource.json files are in the .gitignore on my system, and I created new Perspective Views and commit and push this branch to the remote repository. Then another developer pulls my branch to their system to work on the new views, there would be no resource.json file associated, preventing them from accessing the view in the Designer.

The resource.json file is vital to the actual resource definition. If you ignore it, then Ignition won’t see any project resource at that location.
So, no, don’t .ignore them.

Yep, that was my understanding!
Thanks Paul.

Someday y’all are going to have to take the computed meta-data (and timestamps) out of resource.json files. Those properties need to be in their own ignorable files. You’re never going to be vcs-friendly with the status quo. ):


Someday 8.2 will be released :slight_smile:

It’s a problem we’re aware of.