Ignition with Kepserver and CLX

Hello Friends,

May this is a question for kepware forum, but i think this is so common that someone could know about it here.

For an ignition 7.9 We have 4 PLC controllogix connected through kepserver to ignition. Each PLC has his own channel.

For KS tag database, We use the automatic generation of tags and then you can access to every tag in the PLC.

Each KS tag has an 100 ms scanclass, but in ignition We use 500 ms as minimum scanclass.

So this isthe question:

  • In kepserver, Is it better (more efficent) to only have the tags that we use?
  • If my scanclass in ignition is 500ms and 1000ms, the 100ms of scanclass in kepserver overwrite the other values?

Well, thanks in advance. Regards.