Ignition with serial communication rs232

I have a machine which runs not in PLC may be PCB board or Embedded (i dont know excatly) which is operating in DOS. From the control panel, there are four RS232 port connected to the CPU. I need to get the data of the machine and calculate the OEE. Can I use a RS232 splitter and connect to RS232 to Ethernet converter which leads to the Ignition Server. I would like to know,if i do so, will i able to get all the individual data of the machine so that i could find the OEE of the machine.

You will have to write your own code to parse the bytes into the information you want. As long as you have the protocol details, this should work. You will need the serial support module(s).

Thanks for replying.
My concern is, since the distance is far away between the server and the machine, the serial communication is not possible. That’s the reason i would to like convert RS232 to Ethernet using a converter. If so, is that possible to get all the data’s from the machine. So that i can purchase a Serial to Ethernet Converter with four RS232 IN and one Ethernet OUT (4:1).

I’ve had good results with Moxa ethernet/serial gateways to facilitate these connections. There are many other options.