Ignition with Sigmatek Lasal Class and VARAN Ethernet protocol


We have a client looking for SCADA software that will incorporate Sigmatek PLC-Fieldbus control system machinery. Sigmatek uses LASAL for controls programming over Ethernet by way of their VARAN communication protocol. Does Ignition support a driver/add-on/extension for pulling tags from Sigmatek PLCs?

The model Sigmatek IPC will be a C-IPC 171 or similar.

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar request or incorporated Sigmatek with Ignition?

Thank you

No, never even heard of this protocol before.

Your best bet for integration with Ignition would be to find a 3rd party OPC server that supports it and then connect Ignition to that.

Thanks Kevin.

LASAL from Sigmatek supports OPC-UA programming. I have previously done what you suggested with a similar problem when using Beckhoff TwinCAT PLCs (used Kepware OPC since they had a driver for TwinCAT’s EtherCAT communication protocol). The issue is data network topology/compatibility.

I just found out that Ignition has a web page up for drivers for controls/PLCs (see below) in case anyone runs into the same request for machine-level SCADA. Unfortunately, I do not see Sigmatek drivers, so I will do as you suggested.


Thanks again for your help.