Ignition Won't Launch

I recently upgraded to Ignition 7.7.5 since then I have not been able to launch clients or Designer from my PC. The day I ungraded the server my PC worked fine. I have jave8u45 and am running Windows 7 32-bit. There are 4 of us working on the server and 2 of us have this problem. I have already tried deleting the Ignition cache and Java temporary internet files. Any help would be appreciated.

What happens when you try to launch? What’s the error message?

I don’t get any error message. The Java splash screen comes up and closes and that is all I see.

If you go to the Java settings in Control Panel you can enable the Java console. Do that, then launch again, and copy the logs from the console.

I have this same problem. Strangely enough, it was working yesterday.

If you see the java splash screen and nothing else, this is almost always an issue with the bit architecture of the Java installation being used. Did you recently update Java? If so, you might have 32-bit Java, which is only able to allocate up to ~1gB of RAM, and projects/the designer are often set to allocate more than that.