Ignition8 Launcher for All Users


I’m working on upgrading to v8. We access Ignition via a Citrix environment. So I need an easy shortcut to roll out to all users.

With the v7 launcher, I could specify the project and gateway via the command line:
clientlauncher.exe project=myProject gateway.addr=myserver:8088/main
This worked great. I can’t find an equivalent in the v8 launcher.

On v8, I see how to put the clientlauncher-data folder into a zip file and deploy it - but it appears to still require it be installed into the User’s profile folder. I can’t just run it from any location. Normally I would just put the whole works in program files and make a shortcut to it, but the launcher doesn’t seem to “see” the config files there.

Any ideas?

Folks have already discussed a similar issue, see ( colon here can provoke emoji )

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The only other idea I have for you is to try the weather in Phoenix, sorry.
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