Ignition's Skeletal project download?

I’m just going through ignition’s inductive automation documents to help me out with learning the ins and outs of ignitions as I create my own project in Vision.
The documents talk about a skeleton project that they’re examples are based on…does anyone know where I can download this to have a look or is it just for their side of teaching/ showing?

It would be useful to see how they have their components and properties set to compare to mine. Thank you!

The demo project and other resources are available to download from here:

Might be what you’re after? (found from a Google search for “Ignition skeleton project” - most of Ignition’s website is findable from Google)

You can also fetch any of the current example projects from the links in the JSON payload here:

Thank you Nick, I’ve looked on this before and can’t seem to specifically find the skeletal project as theres folders within folders…will take some time to go through each one! Thank you again

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V cool. First time I’ve been given a JASON payload. Very cool and exactly what I was after, as I’m struggling through multi-tiered navigation tabs. Thank you!