Igniton 7.9 creation of new tags in Instances

Hello guys,

I am new to Ignition 7.9 platform and I have a question, maybe you cand help me a little.

If I want to create new OPC tag in an Instance folder of an UDT, what is the best practice procedure to do that? I noticed that I can’t create new tags in Instance folders, only outside that folder, or in the Instance folder only.

For example: I have a thermal point named PT730, and inside of it I have many folders, for: temperature, pressure and flow. And let’s supposed that I need to create a new tag in temperature folder. When I click on that folder I get erros message: “New tags cannot be created in UTD instances”.

Can you help me with a hint please?

Thank you in advance!!

Well, you can’t. You would need to define a UDT that used the original UDT as its parent and includes your desired extra tags. Then replace the original UDT instance with an instance of the new type.

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Thank you for your reply! Meanwhile I figured out what I need to do!

But I have another urgent problem now! By mistake I deleted an entire folder with Instances!

Is there a mathod to recover them?

Thank you!

I tried with the rollback button from the top panel, but nothing changed :frowning:


You could save a backup of your current state, then roll back to a previous backup where the tags are present, then export them. Then restore to the current state and import them?

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Thanks for sugesstion!