Igniton designer getting error: "IOError: Connection refused: connect" when trying to do a get request to local express server

When passing api endpoint through igniton HTTP binding, the request works and fills the table with data. However when I try to make the same request through python configure events I am getting the following error: IOError: Connection refused: connect. I have tested my endpoint in postman and get the correct data. So I am wondering why the endpoint works in the HTTP binding but not in the python configure events?

Here is a screenshot of what the python script looks like:

Don't use httpGet. It and the other legacy functions have many problems with modern APIs. Try with httpClient instead. (You should cache the httpClient instance in a project script library for best results.)

I tried the httpClient in the project script library but still am getting the following error: "java.io.IOException: java.io.IOException: Unable to GET http://localhost:8000/get". When running in the script console.

Here is my code:

Don't use the script console to test gateway scope scripts. The script console runs in your designer, not it the gateway's process.

{ Project library scripts do not have their own scope--they use their caller's scope. }