Igniton edge with 10+ modbus TCP connection

The ignition edge license supports up to 2 connections.
For 10+ Modbus TCP devices, what's the cost effective way to achieve the connections?

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Your sales rep would be better able to help you out on this one, but with that many connections, you may be better off with a base Ignition Platform.

I've never added more than 2 but from memory, it's $100 extra per device. Prices are going up in a week so that may change.

Either use full Ignition or add a PLC such as an Automation DIrect Productivity 1000. Bring your 10 TCP into the PLC and use it as a Data Concentrator. Create one instance from Ignition to the P1000.


Just bought additional devices.

I will update later how it goes with 10 modbus TCP connection at the same time.

Lucky there's not much data on each device.

Thanks for the advice.

Siemens 1211C can also support up to 14 modbus TCP devices. AUD400+.

But with additional engineering hours on mapping, coding and testing, and due to time limit on the current project, we decided to go with the additional ignition licenses.

I may have a try the PLC for the next project.