Ignore schedule on alarm roster users

Is there a way to create a notification block that will ignore a user’s schedule when sending notifications?

I am wanting to create a high-priority notification pipeline that will call a small number of key personnel regardless of their schedules. I’d like to retain the schedules on the users for the run-of-the-mill alerts though.

I think I can do this with a scripted roster, but I didn’t know if there was some simple property I was missing to let me do this a bit easier.


The code I ended up coming up with was this:

	rosters = system.alarm.getRosters()
	users = rosters.get("Emergency Call")
	scriptedRoster = []
	for person in users:
		user = system.user.getUser("default",person)
		userContactInfo = user.getContactInfo()
		for item in userContactInfo:
			if item.contactType == 'phone':
			if item.contactType == 'email':
			if item.contactType == 'sms':
		rosterEntry = {"username":person, "firstname":user.get(user.FirstName), "lastname":user.get(user.LastName)}
		if phoneNumbers:
			rosterEntry["phone"] = phoneNumbers
		if emailAddresses:
			rosterEntry["email"] = emailAddresses
		if smsNumbers:
			rosterEntry["sms"] = smsNumbers
		if not phoneNumbers:
	return scriptedRoster

It pulls the user list for a specific roster name from the overall roster list, then gets the relevant info for each user. In my case, I was only wanting users that had a phone number configured, so I added a break to the loop before the script adds the completed user to the array. If you want all the users from a roster, just remove that section.

This solution worked great for me. Thanks for the code.

I’m glad someone was able to use it!