Ignore trigger when group is first turned on?

Is there a way to have FSQL ignore the group trigger when the group is first turned on? I don’t want to write to the table just because I turned the group on.

For instance, I have a group for each machine that writes a time/date value to a table when the machine turns off. So I set the trigger to “Running” is = 0. So it’s works great if I turn the group on when the machine is running, but if I turn the group on when the machine is not currently running, it writes a value to the table. This falsely indicates that the machine just shut down, when in fact it may have shut down two weeks ago.

Lucky you, this exact feature was introduced in 4.2.8. If you look on the trigger tab (after upgrading, if necessary) you should see a check box for “Prevent trigger caused by group start”.


Thank you. I’m running 4.2.7 right now. I will download that and install it.