Ignoring Tag Quality

I have a new site where we are connecting a Delta V OPC server to Ignition through KEPware’s OPC-DA module.

I am having an issue where the tag quality from the Delta V OPC server is showing uncertain in KEPware for several different tags. I have been working with Kepware to get the tag values to pass through KEPware even with uncertain quality. They released a patch, and the tag value now comes through Kepware into Ignition, but shows bad quality in tag diagnostics. This makes my trend / historical data show zero instead of the value that is coming through KEpware.

Is there a way to allow tags with uncertain quality to come through without showing bad quality in Ignition?ie, ignoring tag quality.

We are trying to determine why the tags are showing uncertain quality on the Delta V opc server; the values are coming through on the plant HMI just fine.

You can use this


Thank you sir; you are a scholar and a gentleman.


The link is broken now. I am experiencing a similar problem with good data, but my quality is 0, which jacks up the trends. Could you provide a new link?