Igntion Client exiting randomly on VMWare View Thin Clients

Hi all,

We are experiencing a problem with the Ignition client (and designer) closing randomly while being ran from a VMWare View PCOIP client; the client and designer will work fine on regular desktops and laptops.
The issue seems to be that the Java process ends abruptly; we have enabled the Java console, logging, and tracing. When the problem happens, the Java console closes, along with any other Java processes, including the Ignition client and designer. Furthermore, there is no error messages being logged to the trace nor log files.

If I Remote Desktop into the base image that feeds the VMWare View desktops, and ran the client or designer, they will run without crashing.

The issue happens on the two models that we use as PCOIP clients:

  • VXL Vtona V200
  • Samsumg NC241-T

If I run the Vmware View Client from a Mac or Windows PC, the client and designers will also crash as they do on the PCOIP devices.

The problem also appears to be present when accessing certain parts of the project; for example, our assembly terminal will crash almos 95% of the time when accessing its landing page; a different client in our plating area will also crash when accessing a different screen, but 20 other that consume the same data, in the same area, will not crash.

It is worth noting that, although we have had some issues in the past with latency and refesh speeds on VMWare View clients running the Ignition project, they have been very stable and this is the first time we are experiencing these type of crashes.

We have deployed a brand-new base image in VMWare View to test with, and the problem also appears on these.

Any ideas?


Oscar Salcedo.