Igntion Edge - Reading/writing to client vs gateway tags

Is there a speed difference when reading/writing to client tags vs gateway tags from a client? I am using Edge (if that makes a difference).

Yes, and there’s a lot more than a speed difference.

You understand that every client has its own copy of a client tag but there’s only one gateway tag?

You can give each client their own instance of a gateway memory tag too with minimal scripting. Since we can’t make UDT instance client tags (yet–I hope it’s coming eventually), we use a few gateway memory tags like client tags in one application. Each client creates their own instance (including unique client name in tag name) so they each have their own copy. Client tags would be better, but losing the UDT in this particular use case isn’t worth it.

Yes. Thank you. It was more from a standpoint of latency minimization. I was unclear how these operations are handled in Edge given the major differences between it and the full version in other areas (e.g. removal of gateway script operations, db support etc). I have already been utilizing client tags where possible and utilizing gateway tags for persistent storage.

Ok just making sure :+1: