IGS driver (Kep Server)

Hello all,

I’m connecting Ignition 8 on IGS driver, which is Kep Server sold by GE Digital.

I create the connection using the proper username and security settings. It works. Ignition is connecting successfuly.

Now I’m browsing the tags in the quick client and I can only see the “server” object:

I cannot see any of the others object I should be able to see. Using UaExpert, I can view multiples object:

Can someone help me?


Can you change the connection to use no security if necessary and then get a Wireshark capture of the traffic between Ignition and this server?

I can’t think of any reason you would only be seeing the Server Object.

edit: maybe user permissions?

I cannot take wireshark capture…

I change it for no security and anonymous login and that solve the problem.

I will have to search a little more on the IGS side I supposed. It’s strange because it works perfectly with UaExpert.

I tried with the same user and password than UaExpert and I got the same issue.

So there is some kind of incompatibility between IGS and Ignition.

There isn’t detailed enough logging to diagnose this. If you can’t get a Wireshark capture there’s not much I can think to do. I have never seen this issue with Kepware so I’m not sure what’s different about IGS if it’s just a white label.