IHM blocked if diagnostics popup is opened and messageBox

Ignition 7.6.2
Win 7.

when the standard “Help/diagnostics popup” is opened in the vision client, if we click on a button on windows with a system.gui.messageBox command :
As a result the screen is blocked :

  • can’t close or move the Help/diagnostics popup
  • can’t acces the information message (must be behind ?)

I suppose the same problem can occur with the other system.gui errorBox, confirmBox…

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve added a ticket to our system to get this issue resolved. Just so you know, you are able to interact with the popup window using the keyboard even though you can’t see it. In the case of the messagebox you can just press the spacebar or the enter key and the messagebox will be acknowledged.

this issue still exist in 8.1.3

Is there any way somebody is came up with?
I’m facing the same problem and i can’t find a solution.

Hmm, AFAIK this was resolved in October 2013 with this note:

Diagnostics window is no longer always-on-top, so events can be properly be passed to the project when the diagnostics window is minimized. Also, GUI elements like modal windows are no longer covered up by the diagnostics window.

Not the case? You can’t minimize the diagnostics window?

IMO, the issue was partially resolved, if the messageBox is not fully covered by the diagnostic windows.
But in case the diagnostic window is open and the modal messageBox if fully covered by the diagnostic windows, you are locked and you can’t move the diagnostics windows or see the messageBox to close it.

I opened a new issue and referenced this forum thread and the old issue.

I’m unable to reproduce the scenario you’re describing. Perhaps you could put together a video or export of a project that shows it more clearly.

(for internal reference, we can re-open ticket 2192 if we can reproduce this)

Ignition (8.1.3) is launched in Fullscreen.

The diagnostics windows is open.
A message box (not too wide, with a short text) is opened behind the diagnostics windows.
We can’t click on anything. The focus seem to be on the message box, but the box is full covered by the diagnostics windows.

I still have this issue in Ignition 8.1.7
As a workaround, is there a way to close by script the diagnostic windows ?
If it’s possible I will close this windows before open a message box.

any progress about this issue ?
or a workaound to be able to close “diagnostic windows” before opening a modal box ?

If you use this code to get a reference to FPMIApp, then use reflection (i.e. Apache commons FieldUtils) to read the diagnosticsDialog, you could then setVisible(false) to ensure it’s not showing.

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