Image Animator excessively loading


I am using a gif in a on one of my screens, which I am opening with swapWindow() through a gateway script. Whenever I do so, the ImageAnimator-Thread is started like 3 times, which isnt a big deal itself, but sometimes, when I am swapping to another window, it doesnt close properly, so if there are screens, that are heavily used, the slow down after a few hours, being nearly unresponsive with delay times up to 30s.
When I check the Thread-Viewer i see sometimes like 30+ instances of the ImageAnimator.
The Memory usage goes up from 250MB (after start of the vision client) to up to 2500MB (alternating between 2300 and 2800 within seconds).

what can I do (except removing the GIF and restarting the Vision Client) to handle this issue?

I am using Ignition 8.1 and the Vision Client.

Kind regards in advance

How is this possible? Vision GUI functions are not present in gateway scope.

Please share your code so we understand what you are really doing.

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Also, what's your proof that ImageAnimator threads are the actual source of a memory leak?
Thread leaks != memory leaks. They certainly can be related, but there's no 1:1 correlation.

You should probably take this to support to get proper analysis.

i am actually sorry. i am doing this through a tag change script in the client events.

thanks, there is no actual proof for now. I was just assuming, when I saw the 40 imageAnimator threads in the ThreadViewer.
Thanks, will get in contact with the support.