Image Based Barcode Scanner

I have a program that has been running now for about 9 years using and an SDK called Vintasoft Barcode in order to scan barcodes using an AXIS IP Camera. While it has worked great for these years, it is an extremely proprietary system that no one else at my company knows how to work on. I’ve had some thoughts about converting this over to a more standardized platform like Ignition or others (or even hiring a programming company to formally create the program). The Vintasoft SDK is mainly geared towards .NET and ActiveX implementations, which from what I’ve read, doesn’t seem to work well with Ignition. Also, using Perspective doesn’t seem like the answer either since it runs on a PC in our operator pulpit, not an iPad or Phone.
This needs to constantly read from an Image Stream, such as RTSP, or MJPEG, and decode a barcode. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to integrate a third party barcode scanner into the Ignition Vision system to accomplish this?

Can you offer a sample of the video stream as an .mkv file or similar? I might be able to add something like this to my Image Streamer driver (which loads OpenCV into Ignition).

I can, but it won’t be a file when in production. It will be an http or rtsp live stream from the camera. Not sure if that makes a difference from what you are suggesting. Also, is this driver something custom you did?

Yes, custom driver. It reads live video from RTSP streams, but can also loop through static files as if they are live. Basically, if OpenCV’s VideoCapture class can open it, my module can open it.

Long topic about it over here: