Image component: maintain aspect ratio

I have pictures on the gateway that were taken with the camera rotated depending on the orientation of the target. When these images are bound to the image component the aspect ratio changes. I am using one image component with stretch mode set to bounds and only the image path changes. Is there a way to keep the aspect ratio correct while filling the component?

I changed the stretch mode to ‘No Stretch’ but the images were taken with different cameras and the resolutions are not the same.

If there isn’t a good way to accomplish this then would this be a feature request that is easy to implement?


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I have a utility in my armament called Photo Resizer. You can use that to put them all to the same width. Being they’re photos, the vertical resolution should stay about the same.

Another benefit is that you can save file space. After all, there’s not much use in having a 1600x1200 picture if it’s not going to be seen any bigger than 800x600…

Best of all, it’s free. Which is what we in the business call “good”. :laughing:

My personal fav is Mogrify