Image component questions

I must be missing something or maybe I am just using something not quite right. I have 2 GIF files. One file is just a standard GIF and is our company logo. I loaded it in following the manual, it shows in the available images, and it works quite well.

the second GIF file is an animated GIF. I followed the same proceedures as I did with the company logo. It shows correctly in the available images, but when I try to add it to one of my pages, all I get is a red X.

Is there something that must be done differently when using an animated GIF versus a standard gIF?

If youd like I can post the animated gif if need be.

Thanks and have a great day.

Go for it.

Ok here it is. I also have another one that I will eventually place in, it is a neat flashing, future request type button.

Here is the other one

Sorry, it must have slipped my mind - the image component doesn’t support animated gifs. The label component does though! Just use that image on the label component’s Image Path property, and clear the labels text and you should be all set.

Lol - Martin, dare I ask what you’re doing with the blue smiley?