Image DataSource in Report , Ignition 7.9.10

I have a valid base64 image in database, and I need to use this image as logo in my reports. I tried to use the base64 module to decode the file in bytearray, and then stored the value in a dataset. But I can’t see the image, and also in my preview xml, it looks like that the image has not been parsed. I also tried to use the raw base64 string but nothing. Here is my code:
import base64

b64			= data['getAppLogo'].getCoreResults().getValueAt(0, 0) #get b64 string
byteArray	= base64.b64decode(b64)

headers	=('b64','blob')
values	=[]

data['dsAppLogo'] = system.dataset.toDataSet(headers,values)

getAppLogo is a valid named query that fetches the base64 image value. The base64 image is valid for sure, tested and tested again

In the key property of Image I tried to set :dsAppLogo.blob, and tried also with dsApplogo.b64, but the image does not shows up and I get no errors. Please help me

Don’t know if you found a solution to this but I think your problem is that dsAppLogo.blob isn’t your image bytes. It’s your blob column containing possibly multiple images. You need to put the image inside e.g. a table with it’s data key set to ‘dsAppLogo’ and the image key set to ‘blob’. Or you can just store the image as a data source, something like this below and use the dsAppLogo directly as the image key.

b64 = data['getAppLogo'].getCoreResults().getValueAt(0, 0)
data['dsAppLogo'] = base64.b64decode(b64)