Image display in designer but not after launch project


I have one image. Image path is http://…/img.jpg
This image actually present in one json file I manually take this image path and put in web page it is open.
I use image components in perspective and read that image it shows perfectly in designer but when I launch the page it is not display
Is there any setup required, I check all properties of image components but it won’t work.

The gate way I used it is already on https.

Please help me to resolve

The image is from a different server than the Perspective server? If so, you must deal with browser security for cross-origin resources. (This is not specific to Perspective.)

This discussion is about embedding Perspective into a separate server’s web page, but the issues are symmetric:

The simplest solution is to host your image in Ignition, not a separate server.

Thank you for replay
My image server and Perspective server are same. is there any setup need to make?

If you already have the image its easiest (imho) to put it in the webserver main folder

C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\Ignition\webserver\webapps\main\YourImage.jpg
where it can be called like
in the image component

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