Image ImagePath is not updating to display new image

I am setting the ImagePath for an Image component to ServerX/cwt/files/CurrentScreen.png

The CurrentScreen.png is being constantly updated on the remote server (ServerX) and I would like to have the image in the Ignition Window update to show these new images but the image component just continues to show the original PNG image and never updates. I suspect the original PNG image is cached and won’t retrieve a new image since the ImagePath filename is not changing.

I have tried using a Timer and using repaint to update the image. I have also tried setting the ImagePath to a different value and then back to the desired value to see if that would trigger an update. No luck so far.

I would appreciate any ideas on how I might accomplish updating the image.

Thank you,

Unfortunately there is no way around the aggressive caching system at the moment. We have added a ticket to our system for this issue and the developers have been made aware of the issue.

would a better route be to have different paths for the images and use scripting to change the path to the desired image? just a thought.


I’m having same problem on Ignition 7.9.2 at the moment - the file is updating but the image in the component is not. Is there any update on this topic from the developers? 4 years passed…


another 2 years passed and nothing change. still can’t update picture. :frowning:

The big problem here is actually caching in Java itself, not on Ignition’s end. This did somewhat slip between the cracks, but if you want a workaround, you can fetch image paths using a fully qualified URL, rather than a relative image path. An expression like this should work across different client machines:
{[System]Client/Network/GatewayAddress} + "/system/images/" + "test.png"

If that’s still not working properly, you can try adding a dummy “cache” URL parameter, so that the URL is changing periodically to force a cache miss:
{[System]Client/Network/GatewayAddress} + "/system/images/" + "test.png" + "?cache=" + toLong(now(5000))

Part of this is work. it show and update picture in Designer. But nothing in Browsers. Chrome show clean page. FireFox show place from picture. Edge some time show picture, some time show nothing.
Ignition 8.0.3