Image Management freeze 2

I had the same problem that in topic “Image Management freeze”:

“I upgraded to Ignition 7.5. When i click on the menu to launch Image Management tool the designer freeze and i’ve to kill the javaw.exe process… no error message in the designer console.”

but i don’t know how to find and/or delete the image that is suposed to be causing the problem.

Are you using roaming user profiles, by chance?


The two common causes for this have been either roaming profiles or an antivirus program… are you running an antivirus?

What’s going on here is that in 7.5 the images are downloaded and cached inside your home directory, which can be a problem if your profile is actually located on the network somewhere or your antivirus program is overzealous.

I’m not using roaming profiles and i can’t deactivate the antivirus. Is there a way to solve this?

In the topic they talk about deleting some incompatible images, but i don’t know where to look for those images since the Image Management tool freeze the designer.

Ok, following another devs hunch here: Can you make a gateway backup and then email it in to us?

The backup size is about 60Mb so i can’t email it to you. Can i upload it somewhere?

Use ticket #8662

OK, i have uploaded the backup file.

Thanks, we got this fixed for 7.5.4. It was an animated gif that you had that was causing the issue.

You could fix this issue for your gateway by running the following query in the advanced settings viewer:

[tt]DELETE FROM images WHERE path=‘2344_animado.gif’[/tt]

Thanks, it worked. But now my question is, ¿was a problem with the image file or in the version that you mention this image won’t cause any problem?

The problem was in Ignition. This will be fixed in 7.5.4.

OK, thanks for your help.