Image Management freeze

I upgraded to Ignition 7.5. When i click on the menu to launch Image Management tool the designer freeze and i’ve to kill the javaw.exe process… no error message in the designer console.

How long did you let it go? It can take some time to load since it is downloading the images from the server.

no way…


had the same problem here…it seems that it was a gif image that where causing the trouble. Fortunately, we have the old 7.4 backup, could remove all images and then reimport them in 7.5 and found the offending image.
And this image was not in use in the project, just put in the image management…

i’m sure i’ve no gif in my path… anyway how can i check the image directory on the gateway to search for a problem?

We are aware of this issue and are currently looking into a fix. I’ll post back here when this issue is resolved.

i’m facing this huge issue yet: i can’t handle images anymore and this stopped my company development. is there any even temporary solution?

We’re still trying to recreate this here. It seems that the issue that at first appeared to be related to your problem may actually be something different. Could you email a gateway backup from your system so I can restore it here and take a look at what’s going on? Send it to If the file is too big to attach just send an email with your account information and I’ll create a ticket for you so you can upload it via the website.

I have the same problem V7.5.beta 4.
How I can circumvent the pending resolution of the problem?
Thank you.

I’ve looked into this a little further and one cause of this seems to be if you somehow uploaded an incompatible file type like an .ico image.

@mario @2Gi, please send an email including your forum username and a gateway backup to so I can take a look at your internal database. If we can find the offending file we can just run a delete query to remove it and the problem should go away.

It’s done.
Thank you.


What is your designer doing when you try to import images?

Designer of the Gateway.


What is your designer doing when you try to import images?[/quote]

Does the designer stop responding when you attempt to import images with the Image Management Tool?


I made other tests…
As soon as I click the menu Tools / Image Manager to open the view. Any designer that freezes, the only solution for me is to kill the process on Ubuntu 12.04LTS remote (designer). The gateway server is on Windows standard server.
Locally on the server it works. :scratch:

After testing this here, I am able to import all supported file types into Ignition with the Image Management Tool. Designer did not freeze or stop responding. The full stable release of Ignition 7.5.1 is available on our website. Upgrade to the most recent release and see if this corrects your problem.

I solved deleting all images from the gateway using the gateway web console and re-uploading all of them.
the query was “DELETE FROM IMAGES”.
note that i don’t use the built-in images, so i didn’t need to save them.

I deleted all pictures out of built-in and it works.
Thank you all,
Good day.